Twisted 50 Hits The Bestsellers List… Beaten only by Stephen King!

Twisted50 is now out and live on Amazon and getting great traction. If we want to fall into anyone’s shadow, Stephen King would be the person. But how sweet would it be to nudge him off that top spot?

Some of you may have been wondering why we choose Kindle to launch on first, and not by printing a physical book? Here’s what our publishers said…


‘At the moment we are delaying the physical book so as to concentrate sales on the Kindle edition in order to achieve a high Amazon Bestseller ranking which will improve visibility beyond the Create50 community, allow access to special Amazon offers and boost sales and recognition even further, which is beneficial to agents, Amazon and of course, the authors too.’

What this really means is… IF we can hit the nebulous sales targets (Amazon won’t share how it works exactly), get enough 5 star reviews and generate enough sales and downloads, Amazon will automatically start featuring the book on potentially millions of peoples pages when they login, as well as having it appear in emails to customers.

Have you ever had one of those ‘Amazon recommends’ emails? Well this is how we get into those emails.
So this is a very big deal and tactical move for us all. It’s down to getting people on Amazon for…
Traffic. Five star reviews. Sales. Downloads.


How can you help?

1. Buy the book and leave a review – HERE.
2. Share on all your social media platforms about the book and why you enjoyed it, your connection etc.
3. Head over to and read the news / blogs and leave feedback or comments.
4. Like the Twisted50 Facebook page

Now… Time to post that copy of Twisted50 to Stephen King…

Chris Jones