Join us for the red carpet Twisted50 book launch and Awards in London, February 24th

To celebrate the launch of Twisted50, we will be hosting an unforgettable party and awards ceremony in central London on Friday 24th February.


Tickets: £15 plus booking fee

Dress code: Fabulous and / or gothic

Expectations: Set to high!


Venue: The Cinema Museum, 2 Dugard Way, Kennington, SE11 4TH
Nearest tube/train stations: Kennington (Northern Line) and Elephant and Castle (Northern and Bakerloo lines, and BR) are both within easy walking distance).


In attendance will be many of the writers of the stories in Twisted50, the voice over artists who have narrated the audiobook (launching on the night), the Create50 team, industry judges and of course, filmmakers and writers from our wider community.


(If you would like to purchase additional copies of Twisted50, you can do that in the store here)

And you know that we will be giving you way more than a fabulous party and awards. 


You can expect some interactive gothic horror ‘live drama’ too. The lines between what is real, and what is Twisted50 will definitely blur.


Held at the old Lambeth Workhouse, which later became Charlie Chaplin’s childhood home, and is now the rather eclectic and mysterious London Cinema Museum, the evening will give you the opportunity to grab your collectable signed copy of Twisted50 (with as many authors as present to sign for you), as well as network and attend the awards.


We will also get great photos of you on the red carpet (that we will share with you for your own use on social media). And do expect surprises that will make your heart race in more ways than one. All good clean, grown up fun… Twisted style of course.


We will see you there!


Love Team Twisted50


PS... If you want to know what you can expect, below is the video we shot at the premiere of 50 Kisses, the last Create50 project we completed.

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Comments: 20
  • #1

    Massive fan (Wednesday, 11 January 2017 23:28)

    Is this open to anyone or just the winners?

  • #2

    Chris Jones (Thursday, 12 January 2017)

    Yes anyone is welcome.

  • #3

    Nick Jackson (Thursday, 12 January 2017 00:43)

    Hi Chris. Are there plans for a separate Evil Little Sister launch party? Thanks!

  • #4

    Massive fan (Thursday, 12 January 2017 00:54)

    That's good. Does the ticket just get entry, or entry and something to eat?

  • #5

    Chris Jones (Thursday, 12 January 2017)

    @Nick this will be the launch for Little Sister also. @Massive fan, the ticket get's entry and all the fun and games. You buy food before (I would recomend) and booze will be for sale on the night.

  • #6

    Toby Norways (Monday, 16 January 2017 20:24)

    Hi Chris. Are there still plans to print 'Little Sister' in hard copy?

    Will it also be an audio book?

  • #7

    Chris Jones (Monday, 16 January 2017 21:21)

    Yes Toby, the paperback for Evil Sister will be available soon. Amazon do take their time! And the won't be an audiobook for Evil Sister though we are choosing a few to do as a bonus with Twisted50 the audiobook.

  • #8

    Helen Lloyd (Wednesday, 18 January 2017 15:55)

    I'll be there ... hope some of the other narrators will make it too ... Can't wait to meet everyone.


  • #9

    Howard Ellison (Wednesday, 18 January 2017 21:26)

    Ohhhh! Cannot leave Exeter homestead, ever, but will be there with you in spirit. No, not actually haunting! But will raise a Friday night glass of green tea to you all, especially Nick Twyford and Helen Lloyd.
    Glad to be invited, thrilled to be involved in Twisted50. Have a great, great time.
    Howard Ellison

  • #10

    Chris Jones (Wednesday, 18 January 2017 22:12)

    @Howard you will be missed!

  • #11

    Filippo (Thursday, 26 January 2017 12:13)

    Hi Chris!!

    What do you expect for the dress code? Elegant suit is okay???

  • #12

    Mistress Twisted (Thursday, 26 January 2017 12:53)

    Hello Filippo, yes an elegant suit will be wonderful.

  • #13

    Lucy Hayes (Tuesday, 31 January 2017 09:50)

    When and how we receive our photos on the red carpet?? Thankss

  • #14

    Chris Jones (Tuesday, 31 January 2017 11:35)

    Hi @Lucy, we will do as fast as we can, both on Facebook and hires via dropbox. In the past I would say we can usually do within 48 hours but we will aim to improve on that this year. Possibly even on the night!

  • #15

    Pearl Hewitt (Tuesday, 31 January 2017 17:50)

    I so wish I could be there but I won't be in England until March. I feel honored to be a part of this project and would LOVE to have joined the fun. I look forward to seeing lots of pictures.

  • #16

    Chris Jones (Tuesday, 31 January 2017 23:09)

    You will be missed Pearl!

  • #17

    John Read (Saturday, 18 February 2017 20:16)

    Just bought my ticket for the book launch. Looking forward to it - 50 Kisses looked like great fun.
    My story is the shortest in the book, half a page I think - I'll probably get chucked out halfway through !!!
    * No time to organise any Goth gear. Hope I'm not the only one in a boring suit & tie.
    * Can anyone recommend a decent hotel within walking distance ?

  • #18

    Chris Jones (Saturday, 18 February 2017 20:57)

    Nothing boring about a suit! The area isn't the best for hotels so I would find one you really like and Uber your way there after it.

  • #19

    Penegrin Shaw (Sunday, 19 February 2017 23:16)

    I am out of the country this weekend and devastated I cannot be there, however a good friend of mine is attending on my behalf.
    I wish you all an amazing evening and each of you your successes. I will ensure I'm at the next one!!!!!

  • #20

    Chris Jones (Monday, 20 February 2017 12:17)

    You will be missed Penegrin!