The Power of the Audiobook: Injecting Creepy Life into ‘Busy Izzie’

Nervously excited I pressed the play button to hear the extract from ‘Busy Izzie’. Tantalising snippets of music… Why is the music stuttering?


My temperamental laptop froze. My giddy aunt! I closed and restarted the browser…


Tinkling, repeated piano notes, giving a feeling that ‘something wicked this way comes’, which immediately had me imagining Izzie playing on Aunt Delphie’s piano, only for evil Anwyn to join in with the left hand, sinisterly.


Then Kat Rose Martin spoke...“Busy Izzie. By Milethia Thomas.”


That’s my story! That’s my name!


‘Busy Izzie’ has been lifted from the page by the versatile vocal talents of Kat Rose Martin, who has injected individuality and personality into the characters. Hearing Anwyn doll’s voice for the first time was…brr!  I was amazed by the way in which Kat emphasises moments in the story with characters’ voices, even when it’s not direct speech.


It was as if I was hearing the story for the first time.


So, thank-you Kat for a beautifully atmospheric and creepy reading of the story.

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    SCHelen Lloyd (Monday, 06 February 2017 17:33)

    I've always found dolls rather spooky ... I still have my childhood doll, wrapped up in a blanket and hidden in a drawer. She was lovely once, buy my son and his friends disconnected her head and arms ... and she now lies hidden. I loved her once, but now she is just scary. This story gave me real nightmares!