The Twisted50 Audiobook Ready To Ship!

If you have pre bought the Twisted50 audiobook, in the next day or so you can expect a download link to land in your inbox.

This will take you to your private download page where you can download the high bitrate, music enhanced MP3 audiobook for Twisted50.

Plus you get the bonus of five more stories from the Twisted50 initiative and Evil Little Sister!


How cool is that!

If you bought the CD version, they will ship after the launch party on the 24th as we will get them signed by the authors, producers and narrators in attendance.

We will also send you a download link for the MP3 files so you don’t need to wait.

And if you haven’t bought the Audiobook yet get it below...

Twisted50 Audiobook Digital Download

Be the first in the world to get the high bitrate, music augmented audiobook in MP3 format with digital download. 

Digital Delivery to the email address used for purchase


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Wooooo! You cannot believe how exceptional this audiobook is, all down to Helen Lloyd and her 50 narrators.

OK, I will see you on the Red Carpet at the launch on the 24th (Tickets HERE).

Chris Jones