And the winners were… Twisted50 vol 1, The Awards

Just over a week ago we held the Twisted50 vol 1 Awards.


The whole thing was so exciting and overwhelming, I plain forgot to post the winners on the site here.


So congratulations to the award winners who are…


Most Twisted Tale, Penegrin Shaw for ‘Bloated’

Best Character, The Butcher in ‘Meat’ by Neil Bebber

Best Death, Liam in ‘The Ballard of Liam and Chantal’ by Steven Stockford

Most Outstanding and Original Voice, Alex Thompson for ‘Do Blastocysts Dream Of Foetal Sheep?’

Best Audiobook Narrator, Susie Riddell for ‘Sum Of My Memories’

Best Newcomer Audiobook Narrator, Kat Rose Martin for ‘The Beholder’


Best Story (Joint 2nd place)

Marie Gethins for the‘The Sugar Loaf and The Red Shoes’

Stephanie Wessell for ‘The Beholder’

Susan Bodnar for ‘Five Days’

Leo Robertson for ‘The Audition Altar’


Best Story, Chris Jeal for ‘Shenanigans’


And of course all 50 writers in Twisted50 volume 1 are winners, and they are…


Stephanie Wessell, Troll Dahl, Susan Bodnar, Marie Gethins, Kendall Castor-Perry, KK Rickcord, Caroline Slocock, Karen Sheard, Lucy V Hay, Stephen Deas, Diana Read, Scott Merrow, Steven Quantick, Dylan Keeling, Steve Pool, Jacqui Canham, Nick Twyford, John Ashbrook, Gordon Slack, Richard Craven, Adam Millard, Penegrin Shaw, Geoff Bagwell, Steven Stockford, Andrew Williamson, Alex Thompson, Joshua Saltzman, Rachael Howard, Christopher Patrick, Charles Maciejewski, Hillier Townsend, Bartley Cryan, Jonah Jones, Duncan Eastwood, Shirley Day, Richie Brown, G.P Eynon, Nick Yates, Maggie Innes, EJ Hughes, KJB Rickards, J.M HewittSV Macdonald, Jessica Brown, Leo Robertson, Chris Jeal, Sasha Black, Thomas Cranham, Neil Bebber and John Read.


Chris Jones

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  • #1

    Helen Lloyd (Wednesday, 08 March 2017 18:35)

    There were so many fantastic stories ... huge congratulations to all the authors. Having lived with the stories for several weeks, many gave me nightmares - and continue to do so.

    The one that has stuck with me the most and which I found most harrowing and powerful because it is what happens when we die was 'The Sum of My Memories' by Elizabeth J Hughes. That image of the fly licking the eyeball .... then all those insects ..... Yuk.

  • #2

    Danny Boone (Monday, 20 March 2017 19:34)

    Really enjoyed the Twisted 50 book and can't wait for the next! Which of the winners got the cash prizes and extras, like the £250etc?