The Old Dark Cliched House by Jane Badrock

It was a bitterly cold blustery night.  She shuddered as she heard the wind howling.  There was a full moon and that meant it was time for monsters.

BANG!  She jumped.  Just a door slamming shut.  She rushed to look and cursed the old house for its drafty walls and creaking floorboards.   Heavens! Look at that giant cobweb up there?  And how come she'd never noticed that noose?

Running back to her study, she sensed the walls of the hall were getting closer together.  Was that a hand sticking through?

Stopping for a second she heard a slow thud, thud, thud; something was coming up the stairs. She ran into her study screaming.

"HELP ME!" she typed into her laptop.

"OK." Came the almost instant reply.  "Firstly, I'd suggest you make the windows rattle a little.  Wind howling is a bit passé.   Then you need to decide what sort of monster.  I'd drop the thudding if I were you, besides you've got a full moon. That's werewolf territory. Make it animal howling. Then how about that twist..."

"Wow." she sat back in her comfy chair and sipped her cocoa.  "That's really cool advice.  I'm so glad I joined Create50."

Jane Badrock.