The Horror of Your Work Being Seen For the First Time by Jason Dussault

Twisted50 is all about the horror, so I suppose it’s fitting that the very idea of even submitting a story was scarier to me than all of the movies I’ve been watching this October.


The story I submitted to Twisted50 Vol. 2 is the first thing I’ve ever put out there for others to read, to judge, to leave feedback on. And I was a bit worried, I will admit.


So I did what writers before me have done and what writers of the future will do: I closed my eyes, cleared my mind, curled up in the fetal position and cried for an hour or two, took a deep breath, and got to work.

I’ve always been pretty good at coming up with ideas, but figuring out how to build a story around those ideas is much more intimidating. After writing my story and making countless tweaks and changes, I nervously clicked the submit button. To my great relief, the feedback I received was not devastating.


In fact, some folks even liked my story. Just knowing a few people enjoyed what I had written made it all worth it.


I can’t thank the Create50 team, as well as everyone who has taken the time to read my story, enough. No matter what happens moving forward, as a newcomer to this world of writing, that alone means a lot to me.


Best of luck to everyone!


Jason Dussault.

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