A Twisted Catalyst For Success?

The announcement of the 50 stories to be included in Twisted 50 Volume 2 pleased at least fifty people, but probably disappointed (in one degree or another) considerably more.


That’s natural, no matter how pleased you might be for some or all of the writers to be included, but what now?


Well, whether it made the shortlist or not, you have a story on the C50 website.  It’s been through various iterations following feedback (from the massively-helpful, to the less-helpful ‘I noticed a typo…’) and it is, presumably, a different story (a better story?) than when you posted the first draft.

So, why not enter it into another competition?  Or send it to another publication?  There are loads of them out there, and you could do worse than having a look at Horror Tree.  They feature many endeavours likely to be interested in your story.  (Horror Tree is just a start, and covers more than horror – have a good poke around on the internet.)


Just because your story did not proceed for T2, there is no reason why it should not succeed elsewhere.


Here’s a little inspiration for you, from real life:


One of the stories I entered for The Singularity- ‘Henry 1.0’ - never made it onto the shortlist.  I was disappointed as I consider it one of the best things I’ve ever written, but just because I think it’s good doesn’t mean everyone does.  That’s the way it goes.  So I asked Chris Jones to withdraw it from the site, which he did (thanks again, Chris) and I entered it for Aphotic Realm Issue 2 'Banished'.  And I am pleased to say - honestly, me and my English understatement - that Henry was accepted, and published, and is now available on Amazon.


If the story had not been passed over, I would never have submitted it elsewhere, and it would not have been published (in a beautifully produced magazine).   In fact, if not for C50 I would not be writing, and none of this would have happened.


So treat Create 50 as a catalyst, as the start of something.  Give it a go.  You have nothing to lose, and plenty to gain, so make the most of the C50 process, treat it as a stepping-stone or rocket booster, and release your story into the wild.  ‘Re-wild’ it, like lynx and wolves in the Scottish highlands.  Send it feral.  Hope, and build upon your Create 50 experience.  Add the bits you regret omitting, cut the bits that hindsight flags as not-so-good.  But please, do something with YOUR story!


My thanks, here, to Chris Stanley, for without his example and encouragement I’d never have looked at any other writing initiatives.


And I’m so glad I did.


Good luck.


Richie Brown
Richie on Create 50
Richie's Amazon Author Page

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    Leo (Thursday, 25 January 2018 19:47)

    Very true! Always good to reflect on what you still have after a rejection.

    The writer's job is to write. They can try and get it published, but their control of that is limited. The competition can be so fierce, and with subjectivity and luck thrown in, it's ambiguous as to whether rejection means the writer did a bad job. It doesn't necessarily mean that.

    The writer may be left with a story ready to submit elsewhere, or a piece of work that they can improve—but they certainly don't have nothing. (Even if they don't have their favourite thing: instant publication at their first venue of choice!)

    A venue may have rejected you but they didn't break down your door and cut off your hands. Have a mope then get back to work! :P

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    Chris Jones (Monday, 29 January 2018 13:41)

    Good insight Leo and yes, Create50 is all about encouragement.
    Chris Jones