Chris Jones

My Books: Twisted50 Vol 1 Producer
Filmmaker, author, screenwriter and founder of Create50, The London Screenwriters' Festival and TEDxEaling.


Passionate about all things film, I have spent my life watching movies, making movies and helping others make their movies. My major projects include action thriller ‘The Runner’, serial killer thriller ‘White Angel’ and paranormal horror ‘Urban Ghost Story’.

I also co-created and authored The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series, and currently there are eight editions! I also made the multi-award winning and Oscars shortlisted film ‘Gone Fishing’.

I run the London Screenwriters Festival. TEDxEaling, as well as other training masterclasses.

In 2014 we completed our feature film, the crowd created 50 Kisses which entered the Guinness Book Of Records for most screenwriters on a feature film.

In 2016 we release our first Create50 book, Twisted50, available in soft back and Kindle.

I run regular film making workshops for filmmakers with low price points so everyone can attend and get making their projects.

Right now, I am developing the feature film ‘Rocketboy’ and running more Create50 projects.

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My Twisted50 Blog Posts

Watch the Twisted50 Volume Two Trailer… if you dare!

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Twisted50 get’s SPECIAL deal with Amazon

For the month of May, Twisted50 will get heavily promoted on Amazon in the UK and Australia.


This is a HUGE deal for us as it means the internet giant is getting really behind us. This is how Amazon told us…


‘We are pleased to inform you that the following title was selected for the upcoming Seasonal Sale "May Madness" starting 01/05/2017: Twisted 50: 50 Contemporary Shockers from the most terrifying new writers of horror...’

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Success lies at the crossroads between experience and opportunity

If success lies at the crossroads between experience and opportunity, then the simple act of creative collaboration is by far the best strategy to increase your experience and opportunities.

When we create, be it writing, making movies, marketing our stuff, we more often than not work in partnership with others, sometimes even a bigger team. Relationships are made, debts and favours exchanged, experience gained…


It’s like each major act of creativity is like throwing a stone in a pond. The ripples spread out and often, keep going, sometimes even for decades. That same pond has others creating too, and their ripples are bound to interact with yours too, creating yet more crossroads and opportunities.

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Twisted50 The Audiobook, complete listing of the excerpts

As the Audiobook project for Twisted50 evolves (produced by the amazing Helen Lloyd), I am publishing short excerpts to share just how extraordinary the voice artists are, and how the stories truly come to life when read aloud, with a little music for mood.


You can see all the voice artists on their page HERE (we will add them as each story locks in).


As I get new tracks I will add them to this playlist here as it’s a great way to hear everything in one place.

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Have you seen the book cover for Twisted’s Evil Little Sister?

We are at ‘stage one’ of the three stages needed for Twisted’s Evil Little Sister to be available in paperback on Amazon via CreateSpace.


The second stage is the cover which we expect to be confirmed later today or tomorrow.


Then it’s just a few crossed T’s and dotted I’s and we are good to go. To that end I thought I might share the cover. It’s pretty cool huh?


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