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Jade Wheldon

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Jade is a freelance writer/director and all things production, currently based in London. With a versatile background spanning multiple areas within the film and TV industry, she's done a little of most things, working in animation, documentaries, advertising and more recently, feature films.

She has a love of practical effects and 2D animation and design, as well as drama based in obscure and unexpected worlds. Inspired by directors with a similar taste for the beautifully brutal, such as Guillermo Del Toro and Tomas Alfredson, Jade is working towards adding to the genre with poignant and thought provoking stories.

It is this love of masterful Horror and Sci-Fi storytelling that has brought her to the Create50 team.

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My Twisted50 Blog Posts

The Horror of Writing Horror by Andrew Perry

When it comes to books and films, I avoid anything scary.

I ‘watched’ The Woman in Black with my eyes closed.  I will never watch one of the greatest films ever made, The Exorcist (even writing the words gives me the heebie-jeebies). I won’t even venture into the horror section in a bookshop, lest I make eye contact with a scary front cover.

Sci-fi is more my wireless kettle of fish, so why did I choose to write horror? Create50 takes the credit. I began working on a piece for their Singularity50 project.

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