Kim L. Wheeler

My Story from Twisted's Evil Little Sister: Deep Conviction


Favourite quote: ‘If you want something - go get it. Period!' - The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)


Full-time writer. Produced playwright. Published poet. Producer. Competition winner of: LSF Talent Campus, Twisted's Little Sister (horror), The Impact (screenplay), IdeasTap "Injustice" (stage play). NCY Midnight Screenwriting Challenge Finalist.

Ex Legal Practice Manager turned writer and competition addict. Produced playwright, published poet and author. LSF Talent Campus mentee. Screenwriting is my first writerly love. IdeasTap "Injustice" Playwright competition winner with "Drawing Solace". The Impact winner (In Vino Veritas). Twisted Little Sister winner (Deep Conviction). Writers' Workshop Short Horror Story competition winner. Writers' Workshop Poetry competition winner. NYC Midnight Screenwriting Challenge Finalist 2015. LSF - An 'Actors Table Read' winner. LSF - A 'Short Script to Screen' Masterclass winner. And most importantly, perhaps - I survived The LSF PitchFest... twice! Oh, and I'm having my first go at producing too

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My Twisted50 Blog Posts

The Boomerang Effect and How I Became an Audiobook Convert - by Kim L. Wheeler

When I was young (and flying to the other side of the world was still relatively new and special) my father brought me back an elaborately carved wooden boomerang from a business trip to Australia. So in awe of this object was I that I dare not throw it for fear it may break.


Years later, I plucked up the courage and sent it off on its inaugural flight. Granted, when it returned and I failed to catch it, it landed on a stone which took a small chip off one corner but the joy of accomplishing something so singular, far outweighed the now slight imperfection.


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There’s Always a ‘Sister’ Story to be Found by Kim L. Wheeler

Thinking of deleting or shredding all those wasted competition entries which are clogging up your hard drive or files? Think again!


In early 2015 I entered a NYC Midnight Screenwriting Challenge. We were assigned a three ran-dom aspects, which had to be included in our story, and were given a time limit to complete the task. As the entrants progressed through the rounds, each task became more challenging with less time to complete the screenplay. In the semi-finals, I was assigned Horror - A Billionaire - A (spoiler) at Sea.


Horror! Really? Dayumn!

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