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My Story from Twisted's Evil Little Sister: A Guide to Acting the Gentleman in Any Given Scenario

My Story from Twisted50 vol 2: Ring Fingers


Favourite quote: ‘I'm Brian... and so's my wife!’ - Life of Brian


A dedicated husband and father, who despite working full time, looking after my son and maintaining a house still thinks he has the time to write quality material.


Having not been diagnosed with Dyslexia until the age of 33, I found school frustrating, and left me directionless.
At the age of 19 I found myself in the armed forces, serving in a few locations around the world, seeing behind the scenes, if you will.


I then drifted around various jobs and experiences, which would prove fruitful in my later years, owing to the man characters I have encountered.


At the age of 27 I Joined the London fire brigade and met my soulmate.

The discovery of my dyslexia opened my eyes to a whole new world, one I'm still coming to grips with. 

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A guide to acting the gentleman in any given scenario by Lewis Rice

I received an email recently asking to submit a blog about my twisted journey, and I just thought “Wow, they want me to write a blog. What’s a blog?” So a quick internet search followed by a flick through on what the other “Twisted” writers had written led me to create what I think is a blog. But I’m probably way off track. I decided to start like all of my stories, with an end scenario, and then try to create a journey towards that end. So now let’s move forward to the beginning.

I was up until one year ago a “Closet” writer. Scared to tell anyone in case they laughed at my “Just another fantasy” approach to life. No one took me seriously as I had all of these fantastic ideas, but no proof in the pudding. So I kept my head down, fantasizing myself away from the mundane and repetitive world I inhabit.

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