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My Story from Twisted's Evil Little Sister: A Deadly Countdown


Favourite quote: ‘Burn rubber does not mean warp speed!' - The Lost Boys

After years of wanting to be a writer I am now finally putting pencil to notepad (I'm old skool).


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A Deadly Countdown by Mary Stone

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m sat at my desk at work; a.k.a. bored and daydreaming about the weekend. And an email pings up on my computer screen. It’s from Chris Jones at Create50 saying the deadline for ‘Twisted50’ is that very weekend.


Hm? My interest is piqued. I read further and discover that Chris’s latest creative community project isn’t a film but a book. A book of short horror stories. He’s looking for writers, but to have a chance of being one of them I’ve got to get my entry in that weekend. With a 2,000 word limit I almost close my browser there and then. I can write 2,000 words easy enough in that time, but write them well enough is another matter. Then I notice how Chris says he’s happy to receive work that’s much shorter – a challenge to see if horror can be achieved in just a few words.

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