Ben Marshall

My Story from Twisted50 vol 2: Milly and Max Go Trick or Treating


Favourite quote: 'For sale: baby shoes, never worn' - attributed to Ernest Hemingway (but arguably not his work)


I have been active as a screenwriter for a number of years and my short script has also been chosen as a final 50 winner in the Create50 Impact film project.

My Twisted story is a first real exploration into writing prose.  I expect my screenwriting shows through as I try to write as visually and concisely as possible. With prose, I have also really felt the shackles off, going by gut whilst learning heaps through the process. I’ve indulged myself in the freedom to tell my stories, without having to worry about how someone might actually make the story come to life. Whether a short story or a screenplay my aim is always to tell a compelling narrative, usually with a simple premise

My Twisted50 Blog Posts

He Who Dares Writes... A Screenwriters First Steps Into Writing Twisted Prose by Ben Marshall

My journey with Create50 began with the Impact film project, submitting several scripts over several months. “I’m a writer working hard to lift my words from page to screen” I said in my profile.


Cheesy but true. I was lucky enough for one of my scripts to make the final 50. As the bubbly and dust settled I was already missing the adrenaline rush of the Create50 emails…”you have a new comment on your screenplay”. My moods had become hooked on those emails. I’d been keeping half an eye on the Twisted shenanigans and reminded myself how keen I’d been on horror movies as a kid. I grew up with posters of Freddy Kruger over my head.

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