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My Story from Twisted50 vol 1: Insects


Favourite quote: ‘We are such stuff as dreams are made on' - The Tempest


I admit it.  I love the angst and the frustration and the madness that come from trying to find the right words.  The elation when you do find them makes it all worthwhile.


My background is in fashion, television and interior design, but my passion has always been storytelling - be it a song, short tale like “Insects” or a screenplay.

My current project is RUTH, a dark musical drama based on the sensational case of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain.  The script reached the semi-finals of the Screenwriting Goldmine Awards and the True Story Screenplay Competition.


I’ve produced a music video of one of the songs from RUTH, “I Tried To Tell You”, which screened at New Filmmakers New York in January 2018. A clip of the music video will feature in a BBC4 documentary about Ruth Ellis airing this year.


RUTH is my passion project and my mission is to get both the stage and the screen version produced!


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My Twisted50 Blog Posts

The Story Behind 'Scaredy Kat' by Caroline Slocock

I have been known to look under the bed before turning the light out.

I have been known to check the whole flat, room by room, every nook and cranny, before going to sleep.

Usually it’s because I’ve been watching some drama on TV that has spooked me.

But sometimes it’s because I’ve been reading something deeply disturbing, and the only way I’m going to have peace of mind is by performing this paranoid ritual.

So yes, “Scaredy Kat” is a deeply personal story.

The idea of a woman’s irrational fears was the starting point.  From there things got a little....well....twisted.


Caroline Slocock.


The Story Behind “INSECTS” by Caroline Slocock

The idea for “Insects” came from a dream.  Or should I say, a nightmare.

In the dream, I’m standing in the doorway of my kitchen, horrified.  There are heaving, crawling piles of insects everywhere. I rush in and turn on all the flames on the stove to try and incinerate them.  I turn the taps on full blast in the sink to try and drown them.  But nothing works.  They just keep coming back like the relentless sea of beetles in “The Mummy”.


When I was thinking of a story for Twisted50, I imagined two women in a room.  That became an interview between a psychiatrist and a young girl.  I added the insects and the nastiness grew from there.

One of the most unsettling short stories I’ve ever read is Kafka’s “In the Penal Colony”.  The way Kafka drip-feeds the macabre details of the story is masterful, leaving the reader to fill in the gaps with their imagination.

That inspired me in my approach to “Insects”.  I wanted to give just enough information to plant disturbing seeds in the reader’s mind, but no more than that.

The scariest thing of all, though, is that I didn’t have to dig too deep to find my dark side....

Caroline Slocock

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