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My Story from Twisted50 vol 1: Sum of my memories

I have always wanted to write stories - when other children were watching the latest tv shows I was scribbling in note books, although my teachers were always quick to point out the flaws.. A life time later when the constraints of Adulthood had made me put away my imagination I found those books again and rekindled my love for telling stories. I test websites for a living - getting paid to shop has it's perks but it is during the commutes in and out of the office that I tell myself stories - some of which actually get written down.


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How does a nice girl like you imagine a horrible, dark story like that? by Beth Hughes

It is a question I have been asked many times since I uploaded Sum of my memories to the Create 50 website and asked my friends and family to take a look.


In all honesty death fascinates me, or to be more precise the idea that death might not be the cut off, the complete cession of life and consciousness which is the societal norm fascinates me.

I have long been a collector of macabre stories, Victorian ghosts were my childhood preference and while my peers were engrossed in Enid Blyton’s halcyon endless summers, I was lost in a world of sunken eyed ghost children and terrified scratches on the inside of coffins. Although, ironically, I do shy away from gratuitous violence, gore and in your face horror.

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