Kendall Castor-Perry

My Story from Twisted50 vol 1: Bite

My Story from Twisted 50 vol 2: One Step, Two Step


Favourite quote: ‘I was quit when I came in. I'm twice as quit now’ 

- Blade Runner

Physicist by training, silicon chip architect by profession and sci-fi fan by inclination. For nearly four decades of technical day job, I’ve been chasing electrical signals through circuits and systems, wringing out the information they are trying to hide, battling with the monsters lurking within murky forests of transistors.  Think of me as the Van Helsing of electronic design.


Over the years I’ve written a lot of stuff to mentor and encourage others to follow in my tracks – but it only recently occurred to me to make the leap from fact to fiction.  So in the precious fragments of spare time that present themselves, I work on short stories, novels and feature screenplays in the sci-fi, technothriller and horror spaces.  You’ll find me somewhere on the what-if to what-the-Hell continuum…


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