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Favourite quote: ‘They may take our lives... but they'll never take our freedom’ - Braveheart


I've been a journalist, horoscope writer, book reviewer, short fiction writer (magazines) and currently focusing on radio and TV Drama while also teaching creative writing. An absolute pleasure to join this Create:50 community. Wishing everyone the very best of luck.

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My Little Shopping of Horrors by Maggie Innes

TO DO – discuss origins of my Twisted Little Sister story, SHOPPING, for the Create50 blog. 


(NB Make it interesting)  ***  OR AT LEAST TRY!!! ***


  • I once saw CCTV footage of a guy who had murdered his teenage sister – he and his girlfriend were shopping in B&Q or similar for black bags, duct tape, a circular saw – equipment to dismember and dispose of the body. 
  • It was horrific yet mundane.  A trolley load of evil.  Really hit me.
  • Did they sit down and work out exactly what they needed for the task?  (NB Maybe even make a list?)
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How did THAT happen? by Maggie Innes

To me, ultimate horror is good people being driven to do bad things, and it’s vital that readers relate to characters and care about them.   Stephen King is a master at managing the “How did THAT happen?” moment.


But when I saw the Create 50 “Can you write a horror story in a weekend?” message it was the reference to Pan Books of Horror Stories that first got me by the throat and wouldn’t let go.  I devoured those as a teenager and some of the storylines have haunted me to this day.  


Yet I’d never considered writing horror myself, till that moment.

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