Mark Walker

My Story from Twisted50 vol 2: Tunnel


Favourite quote: 'We've gone on holiday by mistake' - Withnail and I

I am a new writer in my 40s, living in Gloucestershire with my family. I have been writing screenplays for around 5 years, building up a portfolio and working up the courage to put myself "out there".


By day I work for the NHS and by night I put pen to paper, unless the nights are clear (and not too c old) as I am also an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer.

I am a lover of movies which has led me down the path of writing screenplays, but I also enjoy a good read, especially horror which may well have contributed to me having a go at the Create50 initiative, Twisted50. And I'm glad I did as Twisted50 has given me my first publication and a great incentive to keep writing both stories and screenplays.


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