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My Story from Twisted50 vol 1: Bloated

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Favourite quote: ‘Nobody makes me bleed my own blood’ - Dodgeball

Writer of sci-fi and horror, laced with dark humour and Talisker. Obsessed with near-future, alt world and pissing past boundaries of taste. Proud to have collaborated on a #1 shared world novel Project Aspire for Wattpad with Hachette author Taran Matharu (Summoner:The Novice), Jason Kucharik (about to launch his debut VOK) and Stephen Landry (Deep Darkness and lots of other creative stuff). I am a member of the Talliston Writers' Circle (, which is led by sci-fi author and cult leader John Trevillian. Finishing my a debut YA novel this year 'The Ever Winter' which is basically Mad Max On Ice with a bit of cannibalism. I also have others in the wings, waiting for me to be made unemployed so I can complete them and ascend to glory / descend into madness.

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Bloated by Penegrin Shaw

A year back, I had what most would describe as a breakdown. I ran out of juice and had too many balls up in the air at once. I can talk about it easily, because I had an amazing doctor who listened to me with genuine concern and the most supportive and patient wife. 


Then I found someone that would take my money each week, in return for my demons (and we would make that exchange in a nice rural setting over a cup of tea). I took the usual pills prescribed to take the edge off and had a go at trying to create the headspace I needed, which was the hardest part.


It's not unique at all. Most of us, creatives especially, can't see what's coming to take us down, until it's too late.

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