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The dark and treacherous Lake District and Fells are my home.  Beautiful but deadly. They inspire a lot of my writing.

I have always loved the macabre. While my class mates wrote of ponies my stories would be of people trapped in caves that dripped acid. When asked to describe a journey from the source of a river to the sea I did it from the point of view of a floating dead mouse. I will always be thankful that my teachers saw this as perfectly normal and I did not get sent for councelling.

Sadly church camp saw things differently when my tent mates ran away screaming because of my tale of murderous woodlice. Well they shouldn't have killed of one. I therefore try to keep the urge to terrify confined to my writing.

My work ventures into Film, TV, Stage and Radio but no matter the genre that dark thread persists. I am proud to say the only time Radio Cumbria had to issue a warning before a broadcast was for one of my plays. The theme was Family but I still managed to make it twisted.

If my work gives you nightmares then please let me know. I love to hear of successes.


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