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My Story from Twisted50 vol 1: Witches

My Story from Twisted50 vol 2: The Remains


Favourite quote: 'There are black zones of shadow close to our daily paths, and now and then some evil soul breaks a passage through' - H P Lovecraft, The Thing On The Doorstep


I have been a full-time writer for just two years and I have published seven ebooks and several short stories as well as various non-fiction articles. Much of my inspiration comes from dreams, both good and bad!


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Will You Be As Bewitched As SV Macdonald Is with 'Witches'?

I love audiobooks, but the thrill of hearing my own work read out so perfectly by Penny Scot Andrews was almost indescribable.

As I opened the file, the wind was whistling around my house, and I was alone at my desk as clouds gathered and it began to get dark…


The introductory music set the scene perfectly and then - Penny’s voice! Perfectly pitched to send chills down the spine, and interpreting my words so beautifully that I could not have asked for better...

Twisted50 has been and continues to be such a fantastic experience that I never want it to end.


SV Macdonald.


The Origin Of 'Witches' by SV Macdonald

Many of my stories are set in the woods near where I live, and my inspiration for ‘Witches’ came from the same place.

The clearing where I set the story really does exist, and just after dawn on a sunny morning shafts of light fall through the trees and illuminate it in a truly magical way.


One rainy morning I found the remains of a campsite there, and some of the trees had been marked with odd graffiti. It set my imagination off and running. What if there had been some sort of ritual? Who might have taken part? And what would they do if someone discovered them?

I don’t really believe there are witches in the woods. But there are times, when the mist is slow to burn off, or the rain has just finished falling, that the trees seem to be holding their breath, as if in waiting. For what, I don’t really want to know…


SV Macdonald

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