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My Story from Twisted50 vol 2: Overlooked


Favourite quote: 'If you had a face like mine you’d punch me on the nose and I’m just the man to do it' - Stan Laurel


I live in Birmingham, England with people, animals and other excuses for not matching Stephen King’s output. Nevertheless, despite my whining, I’ve managed to write and sell quite a few things, each of which contains a small autobiographical detail. So, provided my wife doesn’t read too much of my work and put things together…

My Twisted50 Blog Posts

Twisted? Only if you Don’t Love the Process by Tom Nolan

I came late to Create 50, in December 2016, so I missed the first projects. However, I immediately recognized what a wonderful opportunity this is and decided to go for Twisted 50 vol 2.

The value of the process lies not only in the potential reward at the end but in allowing writers to road test their material – like standup comedians on tour, only without the heckling.


In my experience, critiques have always been honest and thorough, with everybody working hard to be as helpful as possible. Before writing this article, I blitzed on reading the responses to other people’s work and I found them refreshingly well judged – gentle advice for those who need it and harsher criticism for those of us who should know better. Perfect.

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