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Twisted50 Author Chris Patrick releases debut novel… The Quest For Perfection (Is A Damn Fine Thing)

A far cry from one short story in a horror anthology, I’ve written a novel. It’s called The Quest For Perfection (Is A Damn Fine Thing) and you can order it from Amazon here. It’s a mystery-thriller with some horror mixed in for good measure. I like to describe it as ‘if Stephen King or Michael Crichton wrote an episode of Desperate Housewives or Lost’. Before I get into the novel though, let’s rewind a bit!


It was late 2016. I was sitting at my desk in work, trying my best not to watch the clock. Then the e-mail came through from – Twisted 50 was officially a best-seller and had taken the Number 1 spot from the master of horror Stephen King. I couldn’t believe it – it was a phenomenal bookend to an amazing year I had experienced as a writer, and specifically with the Twisted 50 journey.


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Twisted50 Author Writes SO many stories, she ends up with her OWN book of Shockers!

Imagine a twelve-year-old girl exiled to deepest, dankest Manchester, unknowingly about to be presented to endless relatives offering tinned salmon and peaches, existing instead on blackcurrant jam sandwiches...

Then imagine her in that foreign land, staying in a tiny bedroom, which was crammed full of books packed with the most wonderful things; especially a large compendium of horror stories. I took to horror like a vampire to biting necks.

Then I grew up and went to work. In Finance. Not that it was always boring, I met a fair number of criminals and shysters along the way, but there was always something bubbling underneath.

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Twisted50 Success Story with author Chris Jeal

Splinters: Tales that get under your skin


I've heard other authors refer to their books as their ‘babies', but that's not a term I'd use. I like to think of my book ‘Splinters’ more as a deranged son who mumbles creepy stuff at the dinner table, has an obsession with ‘purifying the flesh of the unworthy’ and inhabits a bedroom soon to be investigated by detectives scanning the walls with flashlights while muttering, 'What the hell happened here?'


Here's the link to get it on Amazon.



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