Feel the Fear.... Submit your story

Submission Checklist



OK, before submitting, check this list. We need all this stuff upfront because time is tight.

  • You story is under 1,000 words.
  • You have a cover page with your name and contact information for us. Use your Pen Name if you use one, or your real name if you don't have a pen name.
  • You have saved it as a word doc or docx file.* 
  • You have named your file in the following way: Your-Name_Story-Name, ie Jane-Doe_Christmas-Ghost-Story.docx
  • It's all your work and copyright.
  • You have a short bio, one or two sentences long (with any links such as a blog, Facebook or Twitter).
  • You have a headshot photo.
  • You have an original title.
  • You have a one line description, teaser, logline etc.

Submissions are £10 or a donation. Use the PayPal or Stripe link below. After paying, you will be sent to an upload page to enter the above info. If you have any trouble, contact support@screenwritersfestival.online


* If you are using Pages (Mac) or Open Office / Libre Office, please google how to Save As a Word doc - ie google "Open Office how to save as Word doc" - all of the above programs have this function. You can also use Google Docs to create a .docx.


Submit Here

I will pay the £10 submission

And help the London Screenwriters' Festival. You will then need to fill out the form and upload your story in this process.

I will make a donation

Make a donation, either more or less than £10. You will then need to fill out the form and upload your story in this process.

What happens next?

We will be announcing the winners on the News section here and on the London Screenwriters' Festival website on December 6th. Once announced and if your work is selected, you will need to complete a short contract in order to be included. We will connect with all the successful writers via email, then text, then phone, to ensure we complete this process rapidly.