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ISBN Kindle 978-0-9956538-2-5
ISBN Softback 9798574263976

Twisted's Evil Little Sister


‘Buckle up, she’s going to take you for a hell of a ride!’

Twisted's Evil Little Sister is the sibling volume for Twisted 50, a collection of 33 horror stories... the ones that we couldn’t include in Twisted50 because they were too demented, unhinged, deranged and frankly… evil.



Psychotic Tendencies? Deeply deranged? Then you're welcome here.

on 21 Nov. 2016

There's a story for every type of twisted evil you can imagine and many you hadn't even dared to. You'll be scared by this book long after you've finish reading it, so don't say you haven't been warned...
on 21 Nov. 2016
Loved reading this dark anthology of fabulously twisted, bite-sized disturbing tales to add to the collection. With a great mix of styles, each contribution has it's own individual taste. There's something for everyone in this cornucopia of evil little surprises with a juicy sting in the tail of many.
on 20 Nov. 2016
This second anthology from Twisted50 again showcases more wonderful writing from different writers. The range of stories - style, subject matter and tone - is excellent; there are 'tales of the unexpected' moments; moments which pack an emotional punch; horror presented as something personal; there are stomach-churning moments and moments of dread. And so it goes on... In a busy world, these stories provide a quick 'reading fix'. You'll find, with the range of stories, there is something exhilarating, dreadful, unexpected and absorbing to tickle your horror fancy.
Perfect nighttime reading for those who love horrid dreams.
on 20 Nov. 2016
A great collection of short and sickeningly sweet horror stories. Reading these stories is a horror tale in it's self. At times you'll feel sick, repulsed scared and relieved, before the cycle kicks in again.
Rosary-clutching-Salem's Lot kind of frights...
on 20 Nov. 2016
I thought this was terrifying and also profoundly disturbing, and I'm assuming that's what the writers intended and the readers want. There were times when I felt a very visceral fear close its toothed jaw over me... This collection, varied and distinctive, had the same effect on me as when I was 12 and first read Salem's Lot. Even though it was bright day I ran upstairs and grabbed my rosary left over from my First Communion and did not let it go for 24 hours... That should give you some sense of the cumulative effect of Evil Little Sister.

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Evil Little Little Sister News

Evil Little Sister Republished with Makeover

In the process of prepping Twisted50: Ghosts of Christmas, I discovered that Evil Little Sister, the wicked sibling book to Twisted50 had become unpublished.


So I decided to do a new cover and slightly change the title too. It’s now called ‘Evil Little Sister’ and is part of the Twisted50 series, which Amazon now does. It should be live in the coming days and I will email everyone when it does.


In the meantime, here’s the new artwork. I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed making it!


And if you want to enter Twisted50: Ghosts of Christmas, you can do that HERE.


Chris Jones



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If you have an audible account you can now download and listen to the Twisted50 Audiobook. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for the free account (30 days) and download it now.


Twisted50 is the first book to come out of the Create50 process, with 50 authors writing 50 horror stories read by 50 narrators. It’s truly exceptional.


Sign up HERE and get the Twisted50 Audiobook free…


And if you do sign up and listen to it, please do leave a review to help bolster ratings, it’s VERY important to our continued success.


UPDATE: Twisted50 is now on iTunes also. get it HERE.




Feedback from the guests at the Twisted50 launch party and the Behind The Scenes video

So, I had a creepy night last night.


I dragged my friend along with me to the Twisted 50 book launch party. We were met by a young lady at the entrance who warned us that due to a blown fuse, the corridor was dark and that we would need to use our phones to light the way.


Unsuspectingly we obliged, and with our phones in hand into the long dark corridor we wandered. Wait, why is that man leaning with his face against the wall? I asked myself. He turned round to face us as if in answer to the question I had in my mind. He growled at us. I nearly jumped out of my skin. Realising this encounter was in theme with the book, we laughed our way past him only to be faced by a silhouette of someone plodding towards us. The silhouette was indeed a zombie who now was pointing at us as if marking us as his next victim. We dodged the pointing zombie as well as other emerging creepy characters and finally made it into a lit corridor.


No creepiness in this part of the old cinema museum, except for the display of old and interesting film relics, lining our way as we climbed the stairs to the main event. The Cinema Museum is definitely worth a visit on another day. As stated on their website in the introduction - "The cinema museum houses a collection of artefacts, memorabilia and equipment that preserves the history and grandeur of cinema from the 1890s to the present day" the introduction also mentions "...the workhouse where Charlie Chaplin went as a child".


Upstairs, once past the red carpet and photo opportunity, we made through to the main part of the hall. We were accosted by a paranoid man who said he was hearing strange noises and asked if we could hear them too. He also wanted to know if it was dark outside and seemed to be fearful of it. For a moment I wondered about this weird encounter only to realise he was a character drawing me into the story 'Witches', one of the Twisted 50 stories.


The Twisted 50 book launch party was most certainly an interesting event. It involved mingling with the authors of both Twisted 50 and Twisted's Evil Little Sister, as well as the narrators from the audiobook and actors. Often your conversations would be interrupted by characters from the various Twisted 50 stories seducing you into their story world. It was also an amusing experience where one moment you're conversing with a normal looking person, then wondering about the weird conversation that was emerging, only to realise the person you were speaking to was indeed an actor in character from one of the stories.


Meanwhile, gory and creepy looking characters lurked about, or stood silently on the side surveying the socialising spectacle as if searching for their next victim. One such character was a bride holding an axe. She is featured on the cover of Twisted's Evil Little Sister book.


Thanks Chris, Judy and the rest of the #Create50 team for the wonderful and entertaining treat last night! And a massive congratulations to all authors and narrators as well as to those that received awards for the various categories. Well done to the actors for keeping us entertained!

Dana Pierre


Just back from a wonderful gathering of creative folk at the #Twisted50 audiobook launch. Thanks to the inspiring and thoroughly encouraging Chris Jones for organising this event, and to Cristina, producer of Twisted50, and Elinor, editor.

Milethia Rachel Thomas

Such a fun evening at the Twisted50 book launch last night. The evening started with being scared and pounced on by zombies and a dude with a head in a bucket, followed by drinks, the brilliant awards ceremony, then a spooky read on my long train journey home. Thanks to the whole LSF/Create50 team for a fab evening

Dorothée Kuepers

It was an awesome night. Can't wait to do it again. Really glad I made the effort and feel proud to have been a small part of this whole fantastic Create50 creative collaboration. My thanks to everyone involved in setting up the event but also all those who helped me elevate my writing even more. Everyone who took part is indeed a winner, even if their story was not in 'Twisted50 Volume 1' or 'Evil Little Sister'.

Dee Chilton

Blood pressure just about returned to normal working parameters after being jumped on and surprised by various creepy creatures. Smashing to see familiar faces Chris, Judy, Elinor, David, Zsofia, Viktoria, Dee, Merlin, Philip & Hayden, Dorothée, Cristina, Milethia, Helen, Bryony and great to meet so many new friends, especially Steve all the way from USA and Graham Vick, narrator of #DeepConviction. A special evening. Congratulations to all award winners. Thank you so much to all concerned.

Kim L Wheeler

I was so giddy at winning one of the Twisted 50 awards last night that I forgot to get an official photo - doh! I'm not so glam this morning but the award's still in my hand... thanks for a fantastic launch & ceremony, Chris Jones et al. It was wonderful.

Steph Wessell

What a GREAT night!


Chris Jones


Watch the Twisted50 Audiobook Launch and Awards Video

Just over a week ago we held the awards and audiobook launch for Twisted50 volume One. Talented filmmaker and Create50 staffer Viktoria Tolidou shot a great video of the event so that even if you couldn’t make it, you will get a taste of what went on…


And it was delicious….


Guests were greeted at the entrance to the venue with the news that a power cut had taken out all the lighting to the ground floors and that they would need to use the torch on their phones to run the gauntlet of horrors we had laid on for them before gaining access to the awards and party.


There were screams. 


Watch… Enjoy… And do come to the launch for Twisted50 volume 2!


Chris Jones


Photos from the Twisted50 Awards and Book Launch Arrive!

The official photos from the Twisted50 book launch and awards have landed and they are awesome! Taken by the talented Rob Youngson, they capture the fun and games of the night.


Feel free to download and use on social media to helps spread the word about Twisted50 and Evil Little Sister.