Kendall Castor-Perry

My story in Twisted: Ghosts of Christmas is Pud


I’m a physicist by training, an engineer by profession, and a sci-fi fan by inclination. For four decades, I’ve been chasing electronic signals through circuits and systems, wringing out the information they are trying to hide, battling with the monsters lurking within murky forests of transistors, chips and diodes. Think of me as the Van Helsing of electronic design. In precious fragments of spare time, I writes short stories, novels and feature screenplays in the sci-fi, technothriller and horror spaces. My time-twisty feature script ‘Preincarnation’ won the SF & Fantasy category of the 2016-2017 Fresh Voices Screenplay Contest; my short stories feature in both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Twisted50. You’ll find me on LinkedIn. My words are out there somewhere on the ‘What-If?' to ‘What-the-Hell?' continuum…

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