Twisted 50 volume 2, to be released for Xmas 2018

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Kindle ISBN 978-0-9956538-6-3
Softback ASIN: B07HY97B2Z
Released November 2018

Twisted50 vol 2: 50 stories from 50 disturbed voices of modern horror…

Twisted 50 volume 2 is your second sitting at the table of contemporary horror. Prepare for an forbidden feast of fifty courses… A slice of terror, grilled to perfection. Ripened dread, stewed in a sensual broth of dark delights. Followed by succulent wonder, wrapped in freshly garrotted fear. Fifty new dishes, from fifty master chefs of the contemporary unspeakable. Settle in and sharpen your knives… here come the Hors d’oeuvres!


Twisted50 Volume 2... Awards in November

Winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the gala book launch in London. We will be platforming...

  • Best Story (1st place)
  • Best Story (2nd place)
  • Best Story (3rd place)
  • Most Twisted Tale
  • Best Character
  • Best Death
  • Most Ourstanding Original Voice

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Twisted50 Volume 2 News Updates...

And the Winners Are... What REALLY Happened At the Twisted50 and Singularity50 Awards and Launch?

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And then this happened... a Twisted50 True Story... By Ricardo Bravo

When I first read the news, my jaw dropped. A police officer was lured to a man’s flat under the promise of sexual favours and ended up in a cannibalistic feast for one with all the trimmings. Something like this just doesn’t happen in real life, and in London of all places, but there it was. I love my police procedurals so this got my mind racing. I imagined what it would actually be like to be in that interrogation room with the culprit. What would the police officers ask? How would they make him confess? This had all the makings of a horrific short story, so I explored it more. What if the suspect was a most innocuous person? What if their motives were more sinister than what it first appeared? How about a police transcript? How to write a story with only dialogue guiding us as to what is happening in the room; letting our own imaginations fill in the horrid details? Little by little, “For the Record” was born.

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How Create50 Kick-Started my Writing Career by Emma Pullar

My journey to becoming a professional writer truly began when my short story, London’s Crawling was a finalist for Twisted50 Vol 1. Previous to this I had tried to write a children’s fantasy novel three times and no matter how I wrote it, I couldn’t make it work. Then I tried screenwriting, and received a polite rejection from CBBC. Sigh. It took about thirty rejections to realise making a living from storytelling wasn’t going to be easy. Maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a writer?


I knew in my heart that stories were my gift to the world but I had no idea how to give that gift while also earning enough money to stay alive and help support my family.

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Would anyone at a comic convention be interested in a horror anthology? - by Andy Perry

I’ve never tracked an Amazon delivery so closely. After reading Chris Jones’ update that Twisted 50 Vol. 2 was available to buy, I instinctively bought 10 (yes, ten) copies. You may think that a little extravagant, but I had a plan. The delivery was arriving Friday, and the next day, I was in Newport, Wales selling my wares at Geeked Festive – the Christmas Newport Comic Con.


I hoped the delivery would arrive before I needed to leave. Thankfully the ping-pong sounded, and a box arrived with 10 (yes, ten) shiny copies of Twisted 50 Vol. 2. I thumbed to story number 50 (I’d already read the preview and seen I was the final story) and read my name atop my first published short story.



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Why YOU should come to the Twisted50 and Singularity50 Launch and Awards

One thing we have learned from all our adventures in Create50 is that the writers, and especially THE WRITERS, don’t shout about their success enough.


As one writer shared with us ‘I don’t want to put it on my Facebook feed as my friends will think I am bragging.’


While it’s easy for many of us all to say to that writer, ‘for goodness sake, blow your own trumpet!’, we should also ask, have I been holding back too?


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